Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trinkets, trinkets everywhere!

For those who know me well, and my terrible habits, I can guarantee I have fallen under the title of being a 'hoarder' more than once in my lifetime. I love a good trinket, beautiful perfume bottle (full or empty), box, or vintage piece that comes my way.
By definition a trinket is 'a small ornament, piece of jewellery, etc., usually of little value.' Well if I may... I beg to differ on the value side of things. Every 'trinket' of mine has its own individual value. Yes some more sentimental than others, but each very dear in its own right.
Often the biggest problem with being what I like to call a 'collector of lovely things' (sounds much nicer than 'hoarder') is having space to store and keep it all!!

Mimmy xx

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