Thursday, September 23, 2010

My inner hippie...

Photos from: fade to black, christeric, they all hate us

There is a small part (ok, maybe not that small!) of me that loves everything hippie hippie shake... 
Tie dye, multi-coloured woven bags, cut off vintage Levis, layers of chains, rings and accessories, silk camies and kaftans.
Whilst I don't think that I can personally pull off this fabulous retro style all the time, this summer I think I will be embracing this very unique and delicate way of dressing and putting my own spin on it to hopefully get that care free, free-loving feel.

Mimmy xx

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Leopard print...

So, whilst i've never been a huge fan of the animal print, the one place where it is timeless and there is always a place for it, is on shoes or accessories. Seeing the above images of fashionistas from NY Fashion Week and pics from  garry pepper vintage I am inspired to go out and find myself that perfect pair of leopard print heels... Or maybe more the wedge variety... Hmmmm decisions!

Mimmy xx

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


(images from Vanilla Scented)
I have been wanting to rearrange my room for a while now. I found these photos from Vanilla Scented the other day and they have inspired and spurred me on to do so... I was thinking this weekend I may have a go at it.
My room is certainly not as big as hers (so no sitting area) and unfortunately I don't have the luxury of wooden floorboards. However, I do have a window feature, high ceilings and white walls. I think what really grabbed my attention was her make shift walk in robe. I too do not have the luxury of a built in so, I thought the way she sectioned off the area was a great way to create that space.
Any other ideas or inspirations please let me know!

Mimmy xx

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Oh Stevie

(images sourced from Jak&Jil, Garance Dore)

Oh Stevie.... What else really can one say about the beautiful, striking, cool and classic Stevie Dance, editor of Russh magazine. Who else could pair a classic white men's shirt with blue denim jeans and look SO effortless cool. One word... envious!

Mimmy xx
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