Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Images: Coco de Paris
Coco de Paris, is a mixed media designer, who features all creations on antique french paper. Her mixed media artworks are in acrylic and uses hand painting and ink print technic. 
For this concept, Coco combines the use antique french paper (some pieces almost 200 years old) from the period of Napoleon Bonaparte. Chuck in a bit of humour and the fact that each piece is an original and you have found yourself something you wont find hanging on anyone else's wall. 
This means you will not only own a unique piece of art but also a piece of french history. Cool huh!?
Mimmy xx

Monday, February 27, 2012


(Coach x Hugo Guinness $68 - $248, Last image via Lucky Magazine)
A.mae collab. I think Coach officially just tipped the cool scale with there most recent collaboration with British artist Hugo Guinness. Known for his black and white lino prints, Guinness has translated a handful of his illustrations onto reversible leather totes, wallets, key chains and more.
Mimmy xx


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