Sunday, April 18, 2010


(photos by Mimmy)
Over the weekend we had the most glorious weather. SO typical of Melbourne! It was only last week I was dusting off the old winter jackets, wearing stockings and boots and even wrapped myself up in my pashmina before venturing past my front door.
It was as though the sun gods had decided to let us know and that they weren't completely done with us and officially in hibernation and to not to give up hope at the idea that winter was quickly coming upon us.
In celebration I bought these beautiful flowers from my local fruit/vegetable/flower man on Chapel Street and just loved the colour of the petals going from purple to white.

Mimmy xx


  1. I totally agree about the weather. It got to 27 yesterday apparently... then it was raining and lightning at night. Weird

  2. Thanks Wendy! These are the first photos of my own which i have posted and plan to keep going so i hope you keep popping by to check in!
    Mimmy xx
    p.s. just checked out your website! Very cool! xx


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