Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Time.

Being a long weekend this weekend, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to attempt to be productive and about time I did something with all those prints and photos I've forever been meaning to do something with.
I have a small space on one of my walls that was crying out to be filled. I love the look of eclectic prints so decided to frame some photos of some Banksy wall art I had as well as some old photos of my parents that I just love. I think the odd mix quite works.
In addition to adding to my wall, I bought some beautiful white roses to liven up my room! Its amazing how something so minor can make such a difference.

Mimmy xx


  1. looks lovely! where did you find the banksy print? the little girl with the red love heart...

    lulki xx

  2. Thanks!!
    I found them when i was in the UK last August and there were all different sorts you could get... I reckon if you googled them you would be able to find someone who sells them... xx

  3. If you go onto the Banksy website he 'sells' them through the shop - you can print them off for free and frame them. Very awesome.



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