Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A New Beginning

Those moments with friends that we share...
Letting go...
Since setting up this blog I have spent countless nights trying to work out exactly how to begin or start this new adventure off. I have always known what i wanted to include and how i wanted to structure it but actually putting up my first post has been a daunting experience.

So.... I thought i would start from the beginning and give you a quick/brief run down of me and how i ended up where i am today.

I always promised myself i would never let matters of the heart affect me. They were something i saw as weak and childish and refused to be 'one of those girls'. Thinking i had the strength to conquer whatever came into my path, i fell in love with a boy, my first love, the sort of love you really only experience once in your life, and naively gave him every part of me, not thinking what the consequence would be.

As most fairy tales do, it ended with a broken heart and I packed it into a 30kg suitcase and moved to the other side of that big spance of land we know as our home. I found myself here. In Melbourne. Knowing no one except my grandparents who i had never spent an awful lot of time with as a child. Here was where my heart was to be mended.

Its been several years now and on some level i dont think you ever fully mend from an experience like that, but, I now have the most amazing friends, boyfriend and family who have made me what i am today and thank them every bit for the contribution they have made to my life. They have been the ones who have pushed me through, help me move on, move around and move up in this world and without them who knows where i would be.

This blog is a representation of all things me. Photos, fashion, ideas, thoughts and feelings. It will act as a visual diary and inspiration board.  My restarting, my rejuvenation, my reawakening... I hope you enjoy.


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