Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's that time of year again...

Rainy Day
The beautiful autumn colours in our trees...
Well here we are again... it is that time of year and my oh my has it come around fast. And whilst today is lovely,  this week has given us a true dose of autumn weather and our winter feels as though it is running full speed towards us. Time to pull out the boots, jumpers, scarves, jackets, stockings and winter dresses layering it all up to try and stay nice and warm.
You haven't experienced an Australian winter until you have lived in Melbourne. It is an amazing experience. The leaves change and go through the full spectrum of summer to autumn/winter colours. The trees drop their beautiful big leaves everywhere clogging up the blue stone gutters. And yes, you actually get to wear a proper winter jacket.
Time to officially put the summer dresses into storage and dust off the winter ones.
Hope your all keeping warm!

Mimmy xx

This season I am determined to find the perfect chunky cable knit scarf!
Sequin Jackets
A great way to keep wearing all those heels I love through the winter months!

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