Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sun through the gloom.

I was recently back in my home town of Perth. According to all news reports Perth is currently experiencing its coldest winter on record, but for the time I was there I really struggled to come to terms with this idea. Yes it was cold early in the morning and at night but surely you expect that in winter, no?!? And amongst all the moaning I couldn't help but marvel at the beautiful sunny days they were experiencing in the middle.

I love our back garden and mum and dad have certainly put in the hours to make it what it is. With the sun shining in the afternoon I couldn't resist taking some photos. The thing I love the most about our garden is that mum has tried to make it what she describes as an 'edible garden'. All the trees produce some kind of fruit, the rocket and lettuce grows prolifically in the tiered beds and there are pots with more herbs and chilli's than you can poke a stick at!

Its exactly how I want my garden to be one day.

Mimmy xx
Dress: COS
Boots: Country Road
Watch: Tag Heuer
Rings: Vintage

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