Sunday, July 25, 2010

Knot it!

I truly am a no fuss girl. Hair, makeup.... If it takes too much time or effort you can guarantee its not for me. The only thing I take time and pride in is my clothes and choice of outfit.

As you will notice with most of my posts, my hair is either down and out, with absolutely nothing done to style it or look as though some kind of effort has occurred, or up in a bun. My hairdresser Matt now knows quite well that he's cutting for a girl who showers, washes her hair, dries it with a towel and runs out the door again!

The quintessential messy bun is actually my saviour. Dirty or clean (works better with dirty!) it gives you that perfectly tousled bed hair look which is universally accepted as being acceptable in public.

Mimmy xx

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