Sunday, May 15, 2011


This week Melbourne was lucky enough to have the presence of Mister Zimi back in town to order, promote, and sell their new Autumn/Winter '11 range.
On Sunday morning I pottered down to view and order my first pieces from this amazing collection. I was overwhelmed by the range of prints, fabrics, cuts and styles on offer from tops to bottoms, dresses to blouses, jackets to shoes, bags and skirts.
It was a wonderful experience being there. Not only did you get to pick pieces you liked (just like any other shopping experience) but you were able to then have them custom fit to your specifications as well as change the fabric or print!
The designer Zoe Paul has created a magnificent range, one she should be very proud of!
Creator/Designer - Zoe Paul
Zoe with her partner Jimi
The blouse I've ordered, but added length to, so I have a dress!
Whilst having to hold myself back (so I could actually eat this week) I ended up ordering this beautiful navy and white print blouse, which when it arrives will be a dress, and some black suede heeled boots. EXCITEMENT! And on the 'To Get' wish list (pending next pay day!) will be the leopard print silk dress and wrap leather jacket (resembling that of our good friend Rick Owens... But a third the price!).
If you haven't already, check out the complete range at their online store: Mister Zimi.
You wont be disappointed.

Mimmy xx

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