Friday, April 01, 2011


 Salt and Pepper Cuttlefish
 Smashed Green Papaya Salad
 Grilled Lamb in La Lot Leaves
 Pork Garlic and Chive Dumplings
 Rendang Pork Belly Curry
Silky Tofu and Mushrooms
This week is a week of indulgence. Family over from Perth = Eating out and drinking good alcohol. On Thursday we dined at Gingerboy, Crossley St in the city. An amazing mix of asian hawker style food we ate everything from salt and pepper cuttlefish to silky tofu and rendang pork belly curry. One word... YUM!
If you ever get the opportunity, do your taste buds a favour and head on down. Definitely a must go to when choosing somewhere to eat out in Melbourne.

Mimmy xx

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