Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Monday night was the launch of LMFF - L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and the show Fashion Full Stop at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. 
Part fashion show, part 'rock concert', Fashion Full Stop exhibited fashion influences decade by decade that have shaped what we wear today.
There was a strong influence of sixties shapes, denim, flowing etherial gowns and all things outrageous.
I have posted photos of the pre-show sights and sounds and I was clearly, ob-sessed!, with all the very cool accessories on show.
Will post photos from the runway soon!
Everyone getting involved in the free Avant Card send off.
 Love a good Sportsgirl giveaway bag.
 Rachael Finch recording before the parade.
 Loving the old school newspaper stand Portmans used to display their new magazine.
 LOVE this red clutch.
 I loved this girls outfit. Classic man style pants, t-shirt and felt hat.
The back of this dress was ace.
Loved the red glow mesh clutch.
Knee high converse... What more needs to be said.
The rings, the clutch, the watch... Great combo.
Photos by me.
Mimmy xx

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