Sunday, February 06, 2011


I received an email the other day regarding a pop up sale for one of my favourite Melbourne labels and it was announced that they were teaming up with a label I had never heard of. I have done some research on them and the result?? Its LOVE! Their name: Mister Zimi.
To me it is everything a label should be and everything I love and adore.
Brain child of Zoe Paul, Mister Zimi combines a wonderful mix of Australian design with Balinese tailoring. Each piece encapsulates that free and easy feeling, is able to be dressed up or dressed down and has an effortless to wear feel.
Bringing that personal feel back to online shopping, you can choose your colours and fabrics and because all the clothing is made to order, any specific requirements you might have are welcome and catered for.
With so much choice, the problem is now trying to choose which pieces you want without going too crazy and breaking the bank account!
All pictures from: Mister Zimi
Mimmy xx

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