Wednesday, November 10, 2010



Images: Topshop

Ok, ok, ok... So I know that we are about to embark on our Aussie summer which, by tradition gets so warm you find yourself unable to leave the house in anything more than a small piece of cloth that somehow classifies as a dress! 
But! In my general web surfing habits I just couldn't help my self when I saw Topshop's new winter collection. Why oh why can't we have the same seasons as the northern hemisphere!?! If nothing else but so I can take advantage of all the wonderful pieces they release and wear them immediately... Rather than having to wait six months. The items I have chosen are ones I would consider being able to be worn transeasonally... 
Shearling is HUGE this winter and I absolutely adore this shearling vest they have done. The last image of the silk jacket reminds me of something from Winter Kate and it is something you could throw over a nice dress in summer.
I may just have to bite the bullet and pick up some of these lush items for next winter....

Mimmy xx

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