Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Away we go!

Friday afternoon hits and its the officially start of Melbourne's long weekend! All because of 'the race that stops a nation!'. Yup! Its that time of year again, Melbourne Cup. Instead of sticking around in town, spending money on dresses and more alcohol (that I really don't need), the beau and I decided it would be a great opportunity to get on an aeroplane and go away for four days. Destination... Brisbane! 
Being one of the only people left in Australia to have not yet visited Queensland, we thought... why not?! How afternoon do you get granted a four day weekend for the sake of a horse race?!
The first morning we were in Brisbane we were taken by our friends to this gorgeous little cafe on one of the main streets in Ascot for breakfast. I absolutely adored the black and white awning, the fresh flowers out the front and the eclectic mix of furniture for tables and chairs.  
The crew!
Breakfast... YUM! How good does that look!
Mimmy xx

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