Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lanterns, lanterns, everywhere...

Last Sunday was my birthday. So to celebrate, Saturday night I had a dinner party at my house in my back garden. Friday night and Saturday morning was spent with my house mate working out the logistics of stringing 30m of fairy lights across the roof of our courtyard to give the effect of a ceiling of lights and then engineering and working out how to hang 15-20 lanterns of all different sizes across the middle of the space.
After a lot of nailing down of cords, tying and retying of fishing wire, identifying issues, working out logistics and hoping that a single nail and umbrella would be sturdy enough to support the whole concoction we finally ended up with the desired effect.
Throw in some Country Road homewares and  several bunches of oriental lilies (my fave flower) and Vogue Living eat your heart out!

Mimmy xx

1 comment:

  1. AMAZING!!!! Hope you had a very happy birthday, I love the styling.

    lulki xxx


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