Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fashionopolis 2012

On Saturday I was apart of making a little bit of blogging history at the Nuffnang - Fashionopolis 2012. It was the first time in Australia that so many bloggers (150 of us to be precise) had gotten together in one room to meet, network, chat and learn about the ins and outs of 'professional' blogging.

The day started out with a wonderful talk by Lady Melbourne - 'Your Blog - Your Brand' and the do's and don'ts in the blogging world. 

After some morning tea and a bit of mingling we then got the opportunity to listen to a wonderful panel of presenters (Patty Huntington-Frock Writer, Jenny Bannister, Sarah Gale-The Iconic and Philip Boon) talking about the role of bloggers in today's fashion industry and their influence over shopping trends and peoples buying.

Finally the day wrapped up with a panel of presenters ( Kyra Pybus-Pybus PR, Amber Venz-rewardStyle and David Krupp-Nuffnang) talking about how bloggers can actually monetize their blogs and make a living off them. This was very interesting. For a long time the power of the blog and bloggers themselves has been taken for granted. Why should fashion retailers and other big powers see all the revenue that we generate them? The panel generated much discussion and were open to questions which really helped guide a lot us still finding our feet in this world.

A huge thanks goes out to Phoebe (Lady Melbourne) and David (Nuffnang) for organising such a wonderful event and we look forward to hopefully more of these in the future!
Beautiful flower arrangements by Domain Flowers
The beautiful Phoebe from Lady Melbourne and David Krupp from Nuffnang.
The event was held in the back warehouse of 1000 Pound Bend.
Team Africa!
Loving her Wang shoes.
Charmain from Heart + Bleeker
Chloe from chloeting.com
Neon was big on many of the bloggers who attended.
Fashion Hayley
Panel One: Jenny, Penny, Sarah and Philip.
Panel Two: Kyra, David and Amber.
Lady Melbourne doing her thing!
Mimmy xx

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