Monday, June 20, 2011


Friendship bracelet and friendship bracelet with rhinestones.
Braided Hex Nux
Photos from: Honestly WTF (first one Jak and Jill)
So here are my two projects for this weekend. As seen on all the cool kids lately, I am loving the rebirth of the old school friendship bracelets. I still have memories of being in the back of friends cars, on long road trips, doing these to pass the time. I feel that they are going to satisfy my winter blues and add the colour pop i truly need in my life right now!! 
In a fortnight I am embarking on my mid year break from work and my aim is to attempt at least one DIY project a week. Stalking the blog Honestly WTF is certainly giving me plenty of ideas and inspiration. I love the updated and slightly less daggy (for all of who are still trying to relive our childhood, namely ME!) rhinestone version which really adds that touch of glam.
Loving long time!

Mimmy xx

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